I first met “Joey” at his warehouse looking to purchase a spa. He and his staff were very kind and helpful to a customer that was a first time purchaser. Unfortunately that day, I was not able to find a spa that suited me. he DID let me know if I were to purchase elsewhere I could hire him to move it. I never forgot his offer. As it happened I did purchase a spa from a private party but had no thought other than to call Joey of the move. When I called to inquire about the move, he remembered me, was able to quote me on the spot, and also give me a first available all in one call. He was timely, the spa was set up, and he was quite knowledgeable regarding the spa brand. He took extra time to explain all of what I needed to know about spa ownership and maintenance. I would highly recommend his services to any first time spa buyer Money very well spent.


These guys are great. We purchased a used spa from them and they made a fair deal, and brought the spa out and set it up for us included in the price. They were very fast with the setup, but took their time making sure we knew everything we needed to know in order to use the spa and maintain it, and answer any questions we had.

Everything from the pre-sale to the purchase to the follow up and communication after the sale was outstanding. All of the 5 star reviews are warranted!


So I hired movers to move my household goods and my 6 person hot tub. We were moving on a Saturday and had to be out of the house by the following Tuesday. After all my stuff was moved to the new house, the movers informed me they could not move the hot tub, the only reason I hired them. I scrambled to find someone and I texted Joey Saturday evening, he squeezed me in Monday, had it moved in 90 minutes. Besides being efficient and fast, he was very personable and nice. If you are looking for a spa mover DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!! He has done this for 13 years and takes great care in your spa!


I called them in the morning and my spa was moved and filling by the late afternoon. Friendly, knowledgable, efficient movers (and they like dogs). At a time when businesses don’t seem to value customer service the Spa Movers do.

Brenda E.

I had found Joey’s advertisement on Craigslist and with all listings on that site proceeded with caution. We decided to drive down to the warehouse and take a look. Joey has a huge selection and took time on Sunday to help us find a spa, prep it, and load it up in our truck. After returning home, the spa would not heat. Two days later Joey drove to Grass Valley to analyze and was on the phone with his tech whom had verified everything checked out according to the electrical outputs. He decided to order a new heater board and made the trip up the hill again to install. Turned out to be a small wiring glitch. I am extremely happy with my purchase and after looking for a few months, nobody can touch his prices. Joey guaranteed that until the tub was heated, he would be responsible for repair or returning. He held up that promise. I have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so.

Tom Yeager

I did a little research on different hot tub moving companies and ended up going with this company. Glad I did. Everything went smooth. Would recommend recommend them to friends n family. Now to to go enjoy the new hot tub ?

Logan T

Joey and his crew made moving my new “gently loved” spa from Folsom to Citrus Heights sooooooooo easy and stress free!! I had called others and no one could seem to commit the time, commit to a price, or even return phone calls!! Good thing too or we would have never ran into The Spa Mover!!!!.I have many good business and personal connections in the area and I will be sure to tell everyone how GREAT these guys were! Thanks again.. I’ll be hot tubbin’ by the weekend!


Joey and his guy were excellent. I met them in Folsom and they already had my used HotSpring spa loaded up on the truck when I got there, I paid the guy I bought it from, and they followed me back to my home in Rocklin, they put the spa in the garage until I had my electrical done, then he charged me a reasonable rate to come back a few weeks later and put it into the backyard. It was very close getting the spa around my tight side yard, but these guys know what they are doing, I would never risk damaging a spa moving it myself (I thought about it), spend the money and hire these guys, worth every penny, they are professionals! Said I got a steal on my Hotspring spa, which made me feel even better about the purchase. I have referred these guys to friends that are interested in getting a used spa, I know Joey gets great used ones, and if they buy used, he can surely move it for them.

Troy K.

The spa movers showed up on time and were very professional. They went above and beyond their duties. I highly recommend spending the extra dollars to go with these guys. Its obvious they are not an overnight company.

Jon R.Orangevale

I have moved a spa before and told myself never again. I called The Spa Mover and I am sure glad I did. Ended up saving money, saving my back, and saved a whole lot of time. Call these guys if you ever need your spa moved.